New or Refurbished?

We are often asked what is the best budget computer to buy. In truth, the brand is much less important these days, as there are no poor machines. That is not the case if you are buying high-end spec computers at over £1000, when the manufacturer is important.

What is essential is to decide what you will use your computer for. There is no point in buying a fancy Apple Mac at £1250 when a much more modestly priced machine will do your job equally well. We can help you decide what you need.

You can buy small laptops for under £200, but they are very low specification and small screens. A decent, everyday laptop will be around £450, but you can pay anything up to £2500.

We sell fully refurbished laptops with enormous savings against buying new. We have them in various screen sizes and generally fit an SSD drive, meaning they are extremely fast. We fully test them and load software to your specifcation, run all the latest updates and install them in your house. This means you are guaranteed to have a working computer, connected to your wifi and printers, before we leave. Prices can be as low as £250.

Give us a call and we can talk you through the best options, based on your own requirements.


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